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Managerial Accounting - ACCT IS 710
Online Group Discussions
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Instructions: Go to the bulletin board for your assigned group to share and discuss your positions on each of the ethical issues debated in class. If you forget which group you are in, your group assignment is listed below. Please be careful! Make sure you enter & post to your assigned group/bulletin board!
Discussion Groups.......s
Discussion Topic Grp1 Grp2 Grp3 Grp4
1) Electronic monitoring of employees
.....Tuesday May 2 ---> Monday May 8 at midnight
Go! Go! Go! Go!
2) Corporate drug testing
.....Thursday May 4 ---> Wednesday May 10 at midnight
Go! Go! Go! Go!
3) Magazine advertisements
.....Tuesday May 9 ---> Monday May 15 at midnight
Go! Go! Go! Go!
4) International labor standards
.....Thursday May 11 ---> Wednesday May 17 at midnight
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Student Assignments to Groups:
Group #1:
Tumara Campbell
"Bay" Daekeun Bae
David Charles  Constant
"Jay" Jong-Chul Gil
Kamen Nikolov Kolev
Cassius Alessandro de Moura
Vaishalee Mafat Patel
"R.J." Ryan Joseph Safranek
"Bob" Robert Trucker
Kim Varnell
Group #3
Joe Barnard
John Andrew Foster
Ching Hsieh
Jiayu Huang
Lara Zouheir Khansa
Ying Li
Kai Ning
Donald Keith Showers
"Eileen" Qing Xu
Group #2
David P Allen
Susannah Mary Erler
Yaron Menashe David
"Kat" Katherine Himes
Chounhee Choi
Jeremy James Menard
"Ram" Ramasami Muthaiyah
"Mia" Maria Josefina Schybergson
Michael Vardanian
Christina Waskan
Group #4
Shibani Chakravorti
Thierry Forin
Chuan-Yen Hu
Samuel John Lex
Sung Ho Ko
Brenda Lynn Mikeo
Nicolas George Philippou
Kris Scheihing
Shengying Xu

Requirements & Grading Criteria

Participation is graded in each of the four group discussions, making up 25% of your course participation grade. Individual participation and group performance in each discussion will be graded on a 4-point scale using the following criteria:

Individual Participation (0-2 points): You will receive 2 points for substantial contributions to the group discussion, 1 point for satisfactory contributions, and 0 points for no contributions.

Group Performance (0-2 points): Receive 1 point for a discussion that reflects thought and analysis. Receive 2 points for discussion that is insightful, critical, creative, balanced, practical, expansive, which applies the ideas expressed to the business world in an in-depth analysis, reflects upon the potential consequences, and performed professionally. See page 3 for suggestions on how to make substantial contributions to group discussions.

Guidelines for Posting Messages to Bulletin Board

Below are five basic guidelines to help you and your group take maximum advantage of the organizational features of the threaded bulletin board, and to help you develop a rich and in-depth discussion.

1) Enter name in message - Don't forget to include your name in each message you post in order to get credit for credit.

2) Promote interactive discussion - To promote true discussion and exchange of ideas, concentrate foremost on posting replies to messages to provide elaboration and comments. Click "Post new message" link only to initiate a new line of discussion/thread. See tips on ways to contriubte to discussions.

3) Use descriptive titles in subject headers Ė Title your messages and replies so that they clearly describe the purpose or intent of your posting. This will help you and others develop a structured discussion.

4) Limit one paragraph per message - Keep each message concise and to the point. Post additional paragraphs in separate follow-up messages.

5) Donít repeat yourself - Don't needlessly repeat yourself or repeat what others have said. Elaborate & comment on what others have said.