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Analyzing Group Interaction and Critical Thinking in Threaded Discussions
Allan Jeong, Ph.d.

Instructional Problem:  Designing Group Discussions
Best choice of technology?
Best designs & strategies?
Assess quality of discussions?
Assess group processes?
How can we answer these questions?

How do we begin to search for answers to these questions?

What types of interactions might we see in group discussions?

Which group interactions are of most interest or most important?

Focus of Research Study
Methods of analysis?
What critical thinking events occur?
What event sequences (or patterns of interactions) can we find?
What outcomes follow interactions?

Data Source & Collection

The Group Discussions

Analyzing Event Sequences

Results: Event Frequencies

Results: Events by Thread Level

Results: Group Interactions
Two-Event Transitional Probabilities

Results: Group Interactions
State Transitional Diagram

Results: Interactions & Outcomes
Three-Event Sequences

Results: Interactions & Outcomes
Event Pairs & Thread Length

Examining & Testing Models of Critical Thinking

Comparisons to Models
 of Critical Thinking

Limitations of Study
What’s next?

Directions for Future Research

Interested in Starting Your Own Study?