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Insert one and only one tag into the subject heading of each message (use ALLCAPS). Immediately following the tag, add s = supporting or o = opposing to identify team membership (eg. ARGs and ARGo). Include a short but meaningful message title (eg. ARGs my message title). Address only one function per message..................  ...............    .................... .
POS Simple statement of position with no arguments >>
ARG A main argument or assertion to support a position >>
EVID To support argument & assertions with evidence, examples, studies, personal experiences >>
CRIT Critique, test/question validity, request supporting evidence, identify flaw in argument, logic, evidence >>
QUES Ask question only for clarification (not to challenge or critique) >>
ELAB Elaborate/clarify without defending/challenging an argument or position >>
EVAL Evaluate, review, compare, weigh the value of an argument or assertion >>
JUDG State a judgment to refute or accept an argument based on presented evidence & analysis >>
OTH Other comments regarding process, procedures, jokes, acknowledgements, etc. >>

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